The Fourth Son

Listen to Cadwallader's introduction:

Hello to you, I am Cadwallader - US Congressman and Governor of Wisconsin. Did you know that when I was serving in Congress, two of my brothers were also there? 3 of us Washburns serving the US Congress from 3 different states, how marvelous! You know, I had other interests, too. One of them being flour - you know, for baking and cooking. See, the Washburn Crosby Flour Company was the first non-European flour to be awarded a gold medal. It was quite the achievement, and today that same company is known as Gold Medal Flour. Maybe you can figure out the correct year I won the gold medal.


You will first need to find the box of Ingredients, then figure out:

Your Clue

Recipe Cards


The second picture in Your Clue means "rot"

You will need the ingredient numbers from Carrot Pie.


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