The Fifth Son

Listen to Charles' introduction:

This is Charles, fifth son of the Washburn family. I travelled much, sailing to California during the gold rush and eventually being appointed Commissioner to Paraguay by President Lincoln. I loved writing and even invented my own version of the typewriter. I was the one who thought up the name “Norlands” for our wonderful home. “When the long dun wolds are ribb'd with snow, And loud the Norland whirlwinds blow”; Go to where the maple trees grow, and find the help I wish to show.

As children, we would play a bird-watching game, with each being worth a different amount of points. Maybe you can figure out what year it was that I named Norlands….

Points per bird

Green = 1

Pink = 2

White = 3

Yellow = 4



Each color bird is worth a different amount of points.

There are 9 birds total to find in the area. 2 of them are yellow.


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