Start Here - Scavenger Hunt

Rules of the Scavenger Hunt

To finish, you need to find 6 locations, take 6 pictures,  and then return to the start. 

At each location, you’ll get a picture of one or more people in your group making the shape of a certain letter or number with their body!

Solving a puzzle will help you know what shape you need to make.


The Story Begins

Here it is...Halloween! You’re ready to trick or treat. You have your costume just the way you want it and are excited for an adventure. As you get ready to set off, you remember that you have heard stories about a guy named Jesse Lee and remember hearing a story or two about seeing his ghost around town. You wonder if tonight, Halloween, might be the night you get to see his ghost, too. 

Just as you begin to let your mind wander you glance over behind the church and you think you see something moving. Maybe it’s a cat? Maybe it’s another trick or treater? Or, maybe, this is your chance to see the ghost of Jesse Lee for yourself. You make your way there, to have a look around.